Rote Kapsel – Das Immobilien Supersuchtool

German Real Estate
Super Search Tool

Supercharge your search for real estate properties in Germany

Optimizing your search for Rental and Sale Properties is going to be much easier with the Rote Kapsel Addon on!


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How Does It Work?

Use the above link to Google’s Chrome Store and install Rote Kapsel

Once Installed, simply go to the popular real estate listing (classifieds) website (i.e. immobilienscout24) and start your search

On every search result (Expose) you will see the Rote Kapsel Indicator, and it has the information you need!

* Rote Kapsel is still in Beta Version – we will be extremely happy to receive your feedback and suggestions!

No Tracking! No Registration!

With the Rote Kapsel extension the users can get enhanced and valuable information about real estate listings object in the major real estate sites in Germany

With a simple click you can find out when the listing was originally submitted, if there were any price changes during this time, and how many days is it live.

This information is available for ALL listings - both Sale and Rent objects